School Trips

Let me invite you to Stoney for your year-end trip.   This page is to give you information about what Stoney can offer you and your class. If you have questions that are not answered here, please feel free to contact the camp and we would love to answer them for you.

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Who We Are

Stoney offers a professionally run camping program. It is our goal to give your camper an unforgettable camper experience.

Stoney has been serving Northeast Saskatchewan for over 58 years!

Our program provides the opportunity for students to experience many new activities. Your students will be challenged as they are encouraged to try new things and gain new abilities.

Stoney is owned and operated by One Hope Canada and is an accredited member of the Saskatchewan Camping Association and of Christian Camping International.

Stoney is located on Kipabiskau Lake, southeast of Melfort SK. We have a great natural setting including a sandy beach and waterfront area, and acres of trees.

Facts About A School Trip

When you come to Stoney, we will meet your group, take time to get to know you and introduce you to our leaders. We’ll split the group into smaller groups and start out with the activities. Groups will be between 8-12 students in size. Should you wish to stay longer than a one day trip, you will take part in about 5-8 activities plus have the opportunity to play some great games that we play during the summer with our campers.

Activities that your group can choose from are: Kayaking/ Canoeing/ Archery/ Paddle boarding/ Gaga ball/ Disc Golf/ Blob/ Pontoon Boat/ Swimming & Waterslide ($25 lifeguard fee) / Stoney Amazing Race/ Low Elements & Human Foosball/ Climbing wall

During the day when our staff are leading your group, teachers and parents are welcome to follow along with the groups or relax around the camp. You are free to try the activities as well with your groups.

Meals are served in our dining hall and our staff will inform you of the process. During meals school supervisors are asked to monitor their students. We also ask that you clean up your tables (throw away garbage, wipe the tables, etc). You can save $4.00 if you bring your own bag lunch.

If you wish, Stoney has a canteen in which students can buy junk food if they bring their own money. We typically have chips, pop, chocolate bars, and other candy. Everything is under $2.00.

A Typical School Trip Itinerary

A day trip schedule may look something like this:

9:30 - Arrival/Games
10:00 - Activity 1
11:00 - Activity 2
12:00 - Lunch
12:45 - Activity 3
1:45 - Activity 4
2:45 - Swimming or Field Game
4:00 - Depart

When choosing activities, there is typically time for 4-5 for a day trip depending on your arrival and departure time. For trips longer than a day, choose the activities that your group would like to do and which are not allowed by your school district. Stoney's program staff will put together a schedule and will be in contact with you several weeks before your trip.


Stoney aims to provide guests an awesome experience at an affordable price.

We only charge a program fee for the students that will be here. Teachers and supervisors are not charged except for meals.

Day Trips

Student Program Fee: $26
Lunch (a hotdog meal with ice cream cones): $5

Overnight Trips

Student Program Fee: $21/night
Meals: Breakfast - $5; Lunch - $6; Supper - $6; Evening Snack - $2

Optional Fees

Lifeguard: $25
Accident/Sickness Insurance: $0.20/person - if groups do not have their own insurance through their school.
Tuck Shop: this is not added into the fees - students bring their own cash

Some Rules and Guidelines

In order to make your trip fun and enjoyable, there are few guidelines and rules that we ask you to follow while here:

1) If you are choose a one day trip, our staff will supervise your group from the time you arrive until you leave. If you are staying overnight, our staff will supervise and lead the students from 8:30 am-6:00pm each day that you are here. School supervisors are responsible for their students after supper and overnight. You are free to use any sports equipment to play games and we will set up a campfire for you later in the evening. In the event of rain, we have facilities for you to play games in or watch a movie.

2) Stoney requires that schools provide a chaperone for each cabin if you are here over night. There are 6 bunks/cabin (total of 12 beds). Because of health regulations, we cannot allow you to add extra people to the cabins.

3) Please be respectful of the camp facilities. Put garbage into the garbage cans/barrels that are around the camp. Use the equipment with care. Each activity station has rules posted – please observe and follow these. If something is broken please report this to the office or program director.

4) If here longer than the day, we ask that you clean your cabins – sweep the floors, wipe down the mattresses and take out the garbage. There are supplies in each cabin as well as in the kitchen.

OneHopeCanada Rental Policies

Stoney has policies about who can rent the facilities and what is allowable behavior on the camp premises that have been set for us by our parent organization, OneHopeCanada. Groups are required to read and agree with these policies in order to rent Stoney's facilities. You can download and print these documents here:

Guest Group Agreement rental 2016

Rental Assumption of Risk - representative signature

Please sign these are fax them to the camp (873-2277) prior to your trip.