Prayer Update – June 7, 2016

Hey Everyone!

We’re trying something a bit different this year with our prayer updates – we’re posting them on the Stoney blog!  Yes that’s right – Stoney has a BLOG!!!  In fact, if you’re reading this message, you’re on our blog which conveniently happens to be on our website:

I want to say a huge THANK YOU! for praying for us during the summer.  We cannot share the Gospel with the campers without prayer support – you are a valuable part of camp ministry.

If you’re new to receiving these prayer updates, they are Stoney’s way of keeping everyone updated about what’s been happening and what will be happening during the summer.  I will give you a quick overview of what took place the week before and how you can pray for us for the coming week. If you’re getting this email by mistake or know of someone else who should be receiving them, email me and I’ll take care of it!


We had the first installment of our staff training on May long weekend – May 19-23.  This was a very busy weekend of learning about leading at camp, getting to know everyone, and how to lead/teach the skills.  We had a time of worship, prayer, and a retreat of silence on Sunday morning.  Later that afternoon and evening, we met with the Stoney board of directors and challenged them to our annual board vs. staff baseball game (which the staff won although there’s some debate about that!).  After supper we had a time of sharing and prayer.  Each night of the weekend, each staff member took turns sharing their testimony of how God has worked in their lives.  It was a great weekend but everyone was very tired by the end.


Several of the cabin leading staff have been here since the end of April and more have come throughout May to help clean and set up the camp for the summer.  Its been a very busy and productive month!  You will see a few new things around the camp when you come – decks on each of the cabins, a new low elements course and others that have been being built over the winter and are continuing to be put together before camp begins!

Our first school rentals started on May 30, and we have a full schedule from now until the end of June.  However there are still some spots for groups to come if your child’s grade is looking for a place to go for their year-end trip.  Have the teacher call the camp for more details or check out the information on our website:


This is the first year for registering on-line and I think we’ve figured out most of the issues.  If your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, next door neighbor kid, etc. hasn’t registered for camp yet, better get on it soon.  The first two weeks are almost full!  Register on-line here:

Well that’s it for this post.  Next post will include who’s all here this summer.  If you’re not already on our facebook page, that’s where we’ll be posting pictures and highlights often each week once summer actually gets started.