Prayer Update – July 30, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Sorry this is coming to you late once again.  This week was such a busy week.

Teen Camp is done.  This was a great week of fun and for many of the campers, a week to solidify and grow in their faith walks.  Cody Matchett, our speaker, walked them through the gospel of Mark and each chapel time would ask this question: What does Mark not want us to miss about what is happening here?  He did a great job of helping the campers connect what was going on in the Bible and how the Old Testament and New Testament work together as well as what it means for their lives today.  So much growth happened.  The staff also enjoyed this week because it was a week for them to be filled at their level as well.  Keep praying for these campers that they wouldn’t simply live on the camp “high” but would stand firm and consistent in their faith as they go home and throughout the year.

On the fun side, Tuesday night was “Date Night”.  A guy and a girl cabin were paired up to eat supper together.  The guys had to “formally” ask the girls cabins out and there were some very creative proposals including a scavenger hunt! The pairs then worked together to compete against other pairs in our glow in the dark dodgeball tournament.  We had a beach day on Wednesday where all skills were canceled and we simply did water activities all afternoon and early evening: slip and slide, blob competition, hang out on the beach, and roasting smokies on the fire.  We ended the day with a hang out time in the chapel playing games and chilling with a small fireworks show before bed.  Thursday night was a worship night.  After chapel and cabin devotions, the campers came to the chapel where we spent some time singing praises, had some opportunities to go to different stations where they could draw, pray, write poems and take communion.  It was a great evening of letting God teach and open hearts.

Eventually I will be putting more pictures of the past weeks on Facebook so if you want to see them, go the Stoney Facebook page:


Starting Tuesday, August 2, we have almost 90 Squirt campers, age 7-9, coming.  This is the youngest camp that we have and they are a handful.  This is a high energy week simply because the campers have the energy!  Its a shorter week because of their age and to give them a taste of what camp would be like if they come for a full week when they are older.

Our support staff for the week are:

Junior Cabin Leaders: Landon Seipp, Jordan Seipp, Shayne Foster, Graham Moulton, Ally Bzdel, Allison Behiel, Katelyn Behiel, Brooke Johnson, Rhiannon Zacharias and Millie Hart

Cleaning Lady: Sarah Elezaby

Cooks: Val Weber, Arlene Schmidt, Bev Malmgren, Jody Taylor, Janice O’Brien

Camp Grandparents: Harvey and Marilyn Jackson (Grandma and Grandpa J)

Nurse: Alyza Mayerle

Our speaker this week is Jill Gendall.  This is Jill’s first time speaking at Stoney.  Jill and her husband Jeff are teachers in Melfort and have been connected to Stoney for many years and their boys have been campers here too.  Pray for confidence and the Holy Spirit’s leading as she speaks, that she would be able to clearly share the Gospel at the camper’s level.


Pray against homesickness! And pray for the cabin leaders and Grandma & Grandpa J for energy, patience and strength as they deal with the homesick campers.

Pray for patience as these guys take a lo0000nnnng time at everything!  Plus they have tons of the same questions and need a lot more help then any other age group.

Pray that the cabin leaders would be able to switch their mindset and be able to connect to the campers on their younger level especially after having just finished Teen camp and speaking at a higher understanding.

If you ever have questions or would like to come out to help out or visit, give us a call.  Check out our website:

Once again, THANK YOU so much for your willingness to pray for the camp.

In His service,

Myra Schmidt
Associate Director
Stoney Lake Bible Camp