Prayer Update – July 28, 2017

Hi Everyone,

What a beautiful week!  We had amazing weather all week and yesterday was a perfect beach day.  Tizzy’s Tower was fully in operation this week and the campers had a blast!  The campers had so much energy this week but I think we tired them out – I doubt they will make it past the gates tonight as they leave before falling asleep!

God was working too both through the cabin leaders and Glenda “Momma G” Lees!  Although some cabins had lots of energy and found it hard to settle down during cabin devotions, if you talked to the campers individually, they could tell you what was spoken.  Many cabin leaders said that they had campers who asked some amazing and deep questions about God and had great conversations.  Glenda did amazing at presenting the gospel to the campers and spending time with them during skills, meals and cabin devos (and even paintball!).  Because of the Holy Spirit working and speaking through Glenda, we had about 10 campers make commitments this week.  Its hard to put a number on it this week because the campers took Glenda’s challenge to turn to Jesus seriously and several made decision on their own that we know of – and there may be more that haven’t shared with us.  But God knows and that’s the important thing.  Please pray for these campers that they will continue to live out the decision to follow Jesus as they go home and have people in their lives to encourage and help them.


Sunday, July 30 sees our next week of camp starting.  We have 121 campers ages 7-9 registered for Squirt camp.  This week is shorter and only goes until Wednesday evening.  It is an introductory camp for these young campers.  The schedule is a bit different (see below).  Also different is that the campers don’t choose skills they want to do each day but get to try different ones every day.  They go around in their teams to 4 different activities each day to give them a taste of the things they could choose to do when they come for a full week of camp.

Our support staff for the week are:

Cooks: Val Weber, Mavis Busby, Arlene Schmidt, Carrie Boyd, Shelby Jenkins

Nurse: Raelyn Snyder

Grandparents: Russ & Marty Harris

Maintenance: Robert Steffen

Our speaker this week is Carol Harrison.  This is Carol’s second year speaking at Stoney but has many years of speaking experience.  She is from Saskatoon.  Carol uses many personal stories and illustrations to help share the Gospel message and like Glenda, loves to spend as much time as possible with the campers to get to know them outside of chapel.  Pray for her that the Holy Spirit would speak through her, she would have the energy to keep up with these young campers and that God would use her in great ways!


This next week we start a new session of our Work Crew program.  There will be 7 new campers coming to learn how to work and serve as they do the dishes, clean the bathrooms, run tuck and other odd jobs around camp.  But despite the work, they get lots of time to do fun things and many will say they like being work crew better than a camper!  Continue to pray for Jesse and Deana as they lead the work crews and that they would be able to connect with this new crew quickly and be able to train and motivate them to work diligently and have a lot of fun while doing so!


7:20 – Staff Meeting
8:30 – Breakfast
9:00 – Memorization
9:20 – Cabin Clean-up
9:40 – Chapel & Cabin Devos
10:50 – Activity 1
12:00 – Lunch
12:45 – Siesta
1:15 – Activity 2
2:15 – Activity 3
3:15 – Tuck/Free Time
4:15 – Activity 4
5:30 – Supper
6:30 – Wide Game
7:00 – Night Swim
7:30 – Chapel
9:00 – Bed Time


  • Praise for the campers who made first time commitments! Pray for them that they would have opportunity to learn how to grow as they go home.
  • Pray for the campers that heard the Gospel for the first time, that they would understand and accept God’s love.  Pray that God would bring others into their lives to continue planting the seeds that started at camp.
  • Pray for the health of our staff.  Its half-way through summer and many are getting sick and tired.  Pray that they would rely on God’s strength and energy and not on themselves.  Although next week is shorter, the campers have way more energy and there is more of them than we’ve had so far this summer!
  • We still have room for more campers.  Pray that God would fill the camp and we would have more opportunities to share the Gospel.

Well I think that’s it for this update.  Thanks again for your prayers.

If you ever have questions or would like to come out to help out or visit, give us a call.  Like us on our facebook page: for more information and for regular updates.  We’re also on Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram!

Once again, THANK YOU so much for your willingness to pray for the camp.

In His service,

Myra Schmidt
Executive Assistant
Stoney Lake Bible Camp