Prayer Update – July 23, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Sorry this is coming to you late.  I just ran out of time on Friday to get it done.

Junior two is over!  It was a beautiful week for weather and the campers had a great time at the beach.  The week ran pretty smoothly and the staff did an awesome job with keeping the program running.  Our speaker, Glenda “Mamma G” Lees did an amazing job of teaching the campers what it meant to walk with Jesus and her theme was “at the feet of Jesus.”  Each day she covered a character in the Bible who walked with God: Enoch, Saul/Paul, Ruth, Joseph, and Esther.  She had the campers opening up their Bibles to read with her and many of them wanted to continue reading the stories later on in the day.  Ten campers made first time commitments this week, 4 made recommitments and many were asking great questions about how they can grow in their walk with the Lord!  Praise God!

I asked a few cabin leaders to share some special moments at camp this week:

Em Currie (Cabin Leader): She had a camper who made a commitment to the Lord this week.  The camper was worried about going home and sharing with her mom and whether her mom would be upset about her becoming a Christian.  She wasn’t sure how she was going to be able to get to church or a kids club during the year.  She shared this with Em and then with Mamma G who assured her that she knew that her mom was open to Christianity and would be able to help her get to church.  This was a huge weight off of this little girl’s shoulders!

Ellie Shearer (Cabin Leader): One of her campers was sitting in the cabin looking kind of sad which was out of character for her.  Ellie asked her what was wrong and Emma matter of factly said “I’m praying!” and walked out of the cabin.  She took her Bible and was reading it as she was walking (also out of character) and Ellie asked her if she read her Bible at home to which Emma replied in a sassy voice “No!” Ellie asked her if she often prayed at home and once again the answer was “no”.  Ellie said that that was interesting to which Emma calmly but with some sass replied “well Ellie I became a Christian this week” and then continued walking while reading her Bible!

Eventually I will be putting more pictures of the past weeks on Facebook so if you want to see them, go the Stoney Facebook page:


Starting Sunday, July 24, we have 59 Teen campers, age 14-17, coming.  This week’s schedule is jam packed with the normal activities – skills, chapel, cabin time, free time – but there are a bunch of special events planned to make it fun and exciting for the campers.  I won’t spoil the surprise so you’ll have to wait until Friday to hear about it all!

Our support staff for the week are:

Junior Cabin Leaders: They are all campers this week!  Please pray for Michaelya as she is going to be the “LIT” in a cabin of the female LITs so that she can continue the ministry that she has been pouring into them all summer.

Cooks: Val Weber, Heather Thompson, Heather Letkeman, Jodine Arndt, Norrine Sullivan

Cleaning Lady: Katherine Ukrainetz

Nurse: Rachel Ukrainetz

Our speaker this week is Cody Matchett.  This is Cody’s first time speaking at Stoney.  He works in the enrolment department at Briercrest College & Seminary and comes highly recommended by our staff who are students at the college as well as other camps that he has spoken at.  He will be speaking out of the book of Mark this week.  Pray that the campers would hear the Holy Spirit’s message through Cody.


This weekend we have a fairly big rental group at the camp for a family reunion.  Rental groups help the camp subsidize the costs of camp for the campers.  Pray for Doug and Rose and the few staff that have chosen to stay to help out to get some rest before the next busy camp week.


Many of the campers who are coming this week have been coming to Stoney for years and many have made commitments in the past.  Pray that this would be a week that God would have the opportunity to help these campers take their faith seriously.

Many of the cabin leaders are no older than the campers.  Pray for wisdom and knowledge that comes from the Lord to help them lead effectively and boldly.

If you ever have questions or would like to come out to help out or visit, give us a call.  Check out our website:

Once again, THANK YOU so much for your willingness to pray for the camp.

In His service,

Myra Schmidt
Associate Director
Stoney Lake Bible Camp