Prayer Update – July 15, 2016

What a week!!! It started with beautiful weather for registration but then started pouring as soon as we started the wide game on Sunday night and didn’t really stop until Wednesday morning!  The campers were ready to build arks! Several cabins did for creativity points during cabin clean up.  For your information, we got 6.04 inches of rain here over those 3 days.  It made for some long days and meant getting really creative for our activities but overall we got through it pretty successfully.  We did have a bit more homesickness than normal and 4 campers ended going home Tuesday.

Despite the rain, God was working and there were so many great praise reports at this morning’s staff meeting:

  • 8 campers made first time commitments and 3 recommitted their lives to the Lord this week (so far!).  I just met with most of these campers to celebrate with them and give them some resources for how to grow and they all had a good understanding of what it meant to make a commitment to the Lord!
  • One whole cabin wants to accept the Lord today with their cabin leader during their one-on-ones! Please pray for the cabin leader as she walks them through what that means because several seem to be doing it because their friends want to or because they don’t want to go to hell (not a bad reason!).
  • So many campers were asking great questions about how to grow in their faith when they go home.
  • Lots of great conversations have been taking place.

Jaime Schreiner, the speaker, talked about where we get our value from: Its based on Who created us, what was paid for us and we were bought by Jesus dying for us, and Who loves us.  She used many visual examples with famous paintings by Picasso and the Mona Lisa by Da Vinci and the campers seemed to connect with it.  In this day and society, these kids are told their value comes from others, what they do, how much money they have, what they look like, etc.  Pray that they would understand that their value comes from God and can never be taken away no matter what others say or how they feel about themselves.


Next week, July 17, we have another week of junior campers – 115 campers ages 9-12.  It will be another busy week.  Pray for the staff that will be working with the campers:

LITs: Landon Seipp, Jordan Seipp,Destinee Mills, Jordan Whitney, Millie Hart, Rachel Linnell, Emmanuella Oyenuga, Keli Heroux, Tylor Muldoon, Shayne Foster

Cooks: Val Weber, Jodi Allen, Barry & Shirley Craig, Welma Breiter

Nurse: Coralea Spratt

Grandparents: Norman and Laura Klassen

Our speaker this week is Glenda “Mama G” Lees. Glenda and her husband Murray are from Humboldt.  This is Glenda’s second time speaking at Stoney and she was a huge hit last summer! She has a lot of camp experience and has worked at and spoken at many different camps.  Please pray that she would have many great connections with the campers and that she would have answers to some of the really hard questions that they are asking.  Pray that God would speak through her as she continues to share with the campers.


For those of you who don’t know, Stoney Work Crew is a 2 week camp for ages 14-16.  These 8-10 campers (4 girls & 4 guys) are the work crew around the camp: doing dishes, cleaning bathrooms, mowing lawn, running the tuck shop, etc.  They work hard but have a blast because they also get to do some fun activities.  Lindsey and Kolten spend lots of time helping them develop work skills and discipling them in their walk with Christ.  Most work crew campers find they like being part of LIT better than being a regular camper!

We are still in need of boys for most of the sessions and could use a few girls as well.  If you know of any who would love to take part in this, give the camp a call or go to our website and register as a camper for this session:


Pray for health, rest and energy for the staff.  Many of them are starting to get run down with colds or loosing their voices because of the rain and colder weather while still giving everything they have to the campers.

Pray for good connections between the campers and cabin leaders – that the campers would respond and listen in cabin devos and share during one-on-one times with their cabin leaders.

Praise God for the work He’s doing in the lives of these campers!

Pray for wisdom and discernment for the cabin leaders as they lead their devos and cabins.  The campers have some great questions and some like to side track the devotions.  Pray that the cabin leaders would know how to keep the devotions on topic and yet answer the real questions that campers have.

Once again thank you so much for your prayer support.  Please feel free to tell your church, friends and family about these prayer updates and have others pray for the camp.  Blessings!