Prayer Update – July 14, 2017

Our Staff for Junior 1

Hi Everyone,

What an awesome week! The campers had a blast, the weather was great and God did some amazing things!  Thank you so much for praying for this week of camp.  Jaime did an amazing job speaking in chapel and sharing that God had a calling on each of the camper’s lives.  During cabin devotions the campers had so many questions as many of them were learning about God for the first time!  God was doing a work and we had 12 campers make commitments this week!  Praise the Lord!  Keep praying for these campers that God would give them opportunities to continue growing.


Sunday, July 16 sees our next week of camp starting.  We have 87 campers ages 12-14 registered for camp.  The schedule will look pretty much the same as this week although the campers will be a bit bigger!

Our support staff for the week are:

LITs: Matthew Hoess, Reece Gitzel, Rachel Linnell, Claire Durand, Jenna Giddings, Jessica Wasyliw

Cooks: Val Weber, Arlene Schmidt, Shirley & Barry Craig, Welma Breiter, Heather Letkeman

Nurse: Raelyn Snyder

Grandparents: Loy & Darla Dalsjo

Our speaker this week is Marty Johnson.  Marty has spoken many times at Stoney and is a very dynamic speaker.  He is a pastor in Mossbank, SK where he lives with his wife and two sons.  Pray that he too would be able to connect well with the campers and that God would speak through him to the hearts of the campers.


This week I’ll introduce you to our new staff members – cabin leaders for the first time but all of these staff grew up at Stoney as campers, work crew and LITs:

Landon Seipp – Landon is the cabin leader in cabin #9.  Landon is from Humboldt, SK and yes, he is the brother to Jordan and Logan Seipp! Landon just graduated from grade 12 and plans to work as an electrician in the fall.

Jordan Seipp – Jordan is the cabin leader in cabin #10.  Like his brothers Landon and Logan, he is from Humboldt, SK as well!  Jordan just graduated from grade 12.

Millie Hart – Millie is the cabin leader in cabin #13.  She is from Humboldt, SK.  In the fall she will be working at home but anticipates going to Australia after Christmas!

April Thompson – April is the cabin leader in cabin #1.  She is from Birch Hills, SK.  In the fall she will be returning to Millar College of the Bible for her second year.

Rylee Gitzel – Rylee is the cabin leader in cabin #3.  She is from Birch Hills, SK.  In the fall she will be going to Bible college in B.C.

Keli Heroux – Keli is the cabin leader in cabin #4.  She is from Warman, SK.  In the fall she will be attending the UofS for pre-pharmacy.

Madeleine Hunter – Madeleine is the cabin leader in cabin #5.  She is from Birch Hills, SK.  She will be returning to Bible School in Fort Lauderdale, FL in the fall for worship.

Shayne Foster – Shayne is the cabin leader in cabin #7.  He is from Kinistino, SK. Shayne just graduated from grade 12.


There are several general but HUGE prayer requests that I have for the whole summer:

  • Praise for the campers who made first time commitments! Pray for them that they would have opportunity to learn how to grow as they go home.
  • Health and safety of the campers and staff.
  • We still have room for more campers.  Pray that God would fill the camp and we would have more opportunities to share the Gospel.
  • Pray that God would work in the staff’s lives as they work with the campers, that they would rely on God for everything they need especially as the weeks go on and they get tired.

Well I think that’s it for this update.  Thanks again for your prayers.

If you ever have questions or would like to come out to help out or visit, give us a call.  Like us on our facebook page: for more information and for regular updates.  We’re also on Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram!

Once again, THANK YOU so much for your willingness to pray for the camp.

In His service,

Myra Schmidt
Executive Assistant
Stoney Lake Bible Camp