Prayer Update, July 1, 2016

Happy Canada Day Everyone!

This is my second prayer update for the summer of 2016!  I meant to get this out sooner but life just gets so busy around here and the first week of camp is sneaking up on us.


Starting May 30, our school rentals began.  We had at least one and some days 3 school groups here every day until June 29th.  Schools came for their yearend trips and our staff led them through the activities that we do with our regular summer campers.  Many students end up coming to camp during the summer because of the awesome time they have on their school trip.  I have talked to several parents whose child(ren) came and can’t stop talking about it and can’t wait to come as a camper!


As I mentioned in the last prayer update, we had our first instalment of staff training the May long weekend.  The staff are back at camp today and tomorrow for the second part of the staff training to get ready for the ministry and activities of camp this summer.  Please pray for the staff during this time of training.  Pray that they will feel prepared and that God would fill them with His power and wisdom to do the tasks before them, leaning on His strength rather than their own.

Our staff for the summer are:

Leadership – Doug & Rose Arbogast (Directors); Myra Schmidt (Associate Director – yes I’m back again); Jason & Pam Kellington (Senior Staff Supervisors); Michaelya Audette (Kingdom builder/OneHopeCanada missionary.  I will have her do an update later to let you know what she’s doing more specifically but for now, she’s in charge of the Leaders in Training and work crew)

Secretary – Joelle Letkeman

Program – Kaitlin Giddings (Program Coordinator); Jesse Ukrainetz (Skill Coordinator)

Senior Cabin Leaders – Amy Salt, Emily Currie, Paige Johnson, Andrea McEwen, Ellie Shearer, Madison Arndt, Hannah Ukrainetz, Deana Syrenne, Isaiah Forster, Logan Seipp, Zakk Taylor, Joel Goudy, Reese Gaillard, Anders Hunter

Work Crew Supervisors – Lindsey Reed and Kolten Zenner

Head Cook – Val Weber

Maintenance – Jesse Alsbach


For those of you who don’t know, Stoney Work Crew is a 2 week camp for ages 14-16.  These 8-10 campers (4 girls & 4 guys) are the work crew around the camp: doing dishes, cleaning bathrooms, mowing lawn, running the tuck shop, etc.  They work hard but have a blast because they also get to do some fun activities.  Lindsey and Kolten, under the direction of Michaelya, spend lots of time helping them develop work skills and discipling them in their walk with Christ.  Most work crew campers find they like being part of work crew better than being a regular camper!

We are still in need of boys for most of the sessions and could use a few girls as well.  If you know of a guy who would love to take part in this, give the camp a call or go to our website to register:

Please pray for Lindsey, Kolten & Michaelya and the work crew throughout the summer.  Many of these campers become our junior staff and then senior staff.  This is an awesome time for growth in their spiritual walk.


Well, we begin our first full week of camp this Sunday, July 3!  This week will see two camps running simultaneously.  We have 102 campers ages 12-14 registered plus we will have our Leaders in Training (LITs) here for their training. There are 17 LITs that have applied to serve here this summer in the cabins.  Pray for Michaelya as she leads and trains them this week as well as throughout the summer.

Our support staff for the week are:

Cooks: Val Weber, Bev Malmgren, Mavis Busby, Linda Logan and Sandi Hodgson,

Cleaning Lady: Karen Johnson

Nurse: Amy Heroux

Our speaker this week is Marty Johnson.  Marty has spoken many times at Stoney and is originally from the Melfort area.  He’s a very dynamic speaker who engages the campers well as he shares the Gospel message.  He and wife Tina and two boys will be around this week.  Pray that God would speak through Marty and give him the messages that the campers need to hear and that God would do a mighty work through Marty and the cabin leading staff this week.

Our schedule for this week and for most weeks during the summer is:
7:00     Staff Personal Devotions
7:20     Staff Meeting
8:15     Breakfast Horn
8:30     Breakfast
9:00     Memorization
9:20    Clean-Up
9:40     Chapel
11:00     Skill 1
12:00    LUNCH
12:30      Cabin Time
1:30     Skill 2
2:30       Skill 3
3:30     TUCK // Siesta
4:15     FREE TIME
5:15     Supper Horn
5:30    Supper
6:30     Wide Game
7:15     Night Swim
8:00     Chapel
9:00       Cabin Devotions
9:30     TBA // Lights Out

I include this schedule so that you know what is happening and can pray more specifically for things like safety during skills and wide game or during devos and chapel that the campers would be attentive and feeling God’s presence.


We have many campers who want to come to camp but can’t afford the whole registration fee. These campers are able to apply for campership to help supplement what they are unable to pay.  If you would like to contribute to the campership fund, we would appreciate your support in helping kids come to camp.  Simply send in a cheque, cash or call the camp with your credit card number for whatever amount you wish and state that you want it to go towards “campership.”  We will send you a tax receipt for your donation in you give us your address.  Most of our camps cost $320 for a week – though campers are asked to provide at least $150 when they request campership.

There are several general but HUGE prayer requests that I have for the whole summer:
Health and safety of the campers and staff.
We still have room for more campers.  Pray that God would fill the camp and we would have more opportunities to share the Gospel.
My personal biggest request is that God would gather a harvest of souls this summer (Matthew 9:35-38).  My prayer is that God would work mightily in the staff and campers this summer – bringing many campers to a first time commitment to the Lord and strengthening those who have committed their lives to Him in new ways this summer.  I truly believe that God has given me the number 200 – 200 campers that He wants to bring to Himself this summer.  I ask that you pray along with me in this.

Well I think that’s it for this update.  Thanks again for your prayers.

If you ever have questions or would like to come out to help out or visit, give us a call.  Like us on our facebook page: for more information and for regular updates.  We’re also on Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram!

Once again, THANK YOU so much for your willingness to pray for the camp.

In His service,

Myra Schmidt
Associate Director
Stoney Lake Bible Camp