Prayer Update – Aug 12, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Junior 3 is almost over but what an amazing week so far!  God has been doing a major work here this week that I can’t wait to share until later tonight or even later in this update – we had 33, yes that’s right, 33 first time commitments made this week!!!!  PRAISE THE LORD!!!  And it wasn’t just on the last night that these decisions came, the campers were asking their cabin leaders to accept Jesus from early in the week and many did it on their own and then told their cabin leaders what they had done!  So many of them were so excited that they were sharing with everyone they saw.  Some of the cabin leaders were concerned that the messages of chapel and devos weren’t getting through to the campers because they looked like they were confused.  But then when asked they could explain what was said in the devos and chapel.  There were many great questions that were asked throughout the week as well so the campers are searching.  What a boost to our cabin leaders as they are starting to get tired and sick as the summer progresses.

Carol Harrison, our speaker, did an amazing job.  She connected well with the campers and talked about the “treasure” that God had for them: the gift of Jesus.  Each evening chapel she had something in her treasure box for each of the campers to help them remember the lesson of each chapel.  She is a story teller and so would weave the stories from the Bible and her own life into her messages.  The campers loved hanging out with Carol throughout the day as well.  A praise item from her side is that God kept her asthma in check all week so that she could speak as she had been having difficulties with it previous to coming to camp.

Eventually I will be putting more pictures of the past weeks on Facebook so if you want to see them, go the Stoney Facebook page:


Starting Sunday, August 14, we have 99 Junior Hi campers, age 12-14, coming.  As these campers are a bit older we will do a few more special things with them this week but the schedule will be as normal for the most part.

Our support staff for the week are:

Junior Cabin Leaders: Landon Seipp, Jordan Seipp, Shayne Foster, Maggie Wilson, Destinee Mills, Rachel Linnell, Katelyn Behiel, Allison Behiel, Brooke Johnson

Cooks: Val Weber, Rosemary Foley, Heather Johnson, Pam Behiel, Darla Currie

Nurse: Kathy Johnson

Our speaker this week is Laura Dyck.  Laura has spoken at Stoney many times over the years at both Junior camps and Junior Hi Camps.  She connects well with the campers and gets them digging in God’s word.  Laura and her family are from Melfort, SK, where Laura is the director of Family ministries at Melfort Evangelical Covenant Church.


Pray for the cabin leaders as the summer has been getting long and they still have several weeks to go!

This week has seen a lot of homesick campers but only one went home early because of it – Praise God.

Pray for Lindsey Reed and Amy Salt.  They will be switching positions this week.  Amy will be working with the work crew for the next 2 weeks because Lindsey needs to leave early to start her new ministry position.  Work Crew is a two week camp and the campers and cabin leaders really build strong relationships over those two weeks so it is really hard to switch leaders mid session.  Lindsey will be in a cabin with the rest of the camp program for this next week.  Pray that they would both adjust to the switch and that they will have great weeks of ministry and connecting with their campers.

Pray for Paige, Brooke and Heather Johnson, who’s grandfather and father passed away this week and the funeral was today.  Pray that they would be surrounded by God’s comfort and peace and be able to serve Him, keeping their focus on the campers as they continue to grieve.

If you ever have questions or would like to come out to help out or visit, give us a call.  Check out our website:

Once again, THANK YOU so much for your willingness to pray for the camp.

In His service,

Myra Schmidt
Associate Director
Stoney Lake Bible Camp