FAQ’s for Parents

Do you have any medical staff at camp?

Yes, we always have a registered nurse on hand. The nurse carries a VHF radio with them at all times so they are readily available. We can contact them as needed. We do have a fully equipped dispensary, spine boards and splints. Sometimes even a medical Doctor will volunteer for a week!

What happens if my child gets sick?

Our medical staff will do what they can.  We do have some over-the-counter medications to help with sniffles and upset stomach and we'll make sure they rest.  If needed, we will either take them to the closest hospital (Melfort or Tisdale). In the worst-case scenario, we will call the ambulance. We will call you and keep you posted. We can even meet you at the hospital if necessary.

What happens if my child gets homesick?

We let our cabin leaders and camp grandparents do their best to distract them and get them involved. Sometimes it works but not always. We will call you for instructions. They are free to go home if they do not settle down. PS We do not like to see them miss the week, BUT WE NEVER will keep the camper here if they insist on going home.

Do you have good food?

Our cooks serve nearly 30,000 - yes! thirty thousand meals! Most kids rave about the food. If they dislike something there is always alternates on the food line.

Do I get a refund if my camper gets homesick?

No. We have reserved that spot for them and will be unable to fill it. Our staff are all in place and all supplies have been purchased. We will try to arrange a return later in the summer.

Do I get a refund if my camper must leave because of a medical problem?

Most likely yes. If they can not stay at camp because of a serious injury we will refund the remainder of the balance of the week. Some campers will even come back on crutches – they don’t like to miss camp!

What happens if my child has a special diet?

If you have a medical reason for a special diet, we will do our best to accommodate. Parents supplement the week as well with some special food from home. You do need to give the camp a heads up about those needs - call and talk to the kitchen at least a week before arriving to make arrangements.

Why does Stoney cost more than some other camps?

We offer one of the best programs with the most activities. Our infrastructure is modern and up to date. Our staff are older and in college – they need to be paid. We simply think we are the best around. By the way, our fees only cover ½ of the cost of a week of camp. Generous people make up the balance of the cost so that your camper can enjoy a fabulous week.

My kids don’t know anything about the Bible.

That is no problem. We are an interdenominational camp. We will give your camper a free Bible if they want one. We do teach God’s Word during our chapel sessions.

What does supervision look like?

Your children are under supervision every moment they are at camp. A Senior Staff member lives in the cabin with them. They are in table teams with a staffer. Their free time has multiple staff looking after them.

What time does Stoney start and finish?

Registration is at 3:00 p.m. on the starting day. Camp closes at 5:00 on the final day for your session with a closing chapel followed by a hot dog supper. You are welcome to come to the closing chapel and join with us for the meal.

Can I come and visit my child during the week?

If it is absolutely necessary. We don’t advise it because experience has taught us over the past 40 years that usually the campers get homesick and nearly always end up going home with you. That spoils it for them. If there is a problem we will most assuredly call you. Usually it is the nurse or one of the directors that calls.

What happens if we get to camp and my child is not in the cabin with their friend they asked to be with?

Let us know at the registration window. We will fix it.

What happens if my child wants to change their skills?

We will do our best to accommodate this. If the skill is completely full they may have to select another. They may not always be in the same skill as their friends but they will be with them in the cabin.

What are the cabins like?

There are bunk beds to sleep in and we supply a good mattress. You will need to bring either a sleeping bag or similar cover. Your child will have a senior cabin leader in their cabin as your supervisor and usually a junior cabin leader as well.  Cabins can hold up 10 campers plus 2 staff members.

What are the washrooms like?

Brand new - they are only 4 summers old! They have 20 showers and lots of toilets and sinks. There are change rooms built into the showers for privacy.  They are cleaned every day.

What if I have a question that is not answered here?

Call 306-873-5537. Rose or Stephanie can answer most questions.