Dear Parents:

Stoney Lake Bible Camp has been in operation since 1957. This summer will be our 61st year of providing a safe and action filled camp experience to our campers. Allow me to introduce Stoney to you. 


Registration Day

When you arrive, you will be greeted by some of our staff. They will assist you in parking your vehicle. There are 3 shuttles that will whisk the campers, luggage and parents up to their respective cabins. Your camper will meet cabin leader and their friends that they have asked to be with.

Once your camper is settled in the cabin, you will take a casual stroll down to the office to finish the registration process. Most all the registration is done online but there may be a few changes. We also need to have the camper check in, talk to the resident nurse and perhaps purchase a Stoney T Shirt.

After those preliminaries are done you may have the urge to visit our tuck shop and have a great ice cream cone. We do have a good selection of ice cream as well as other treats.

You are free to catch a ride back to your vehicle and head back for a quiet relaxing week minus your campers!

A Tour of Stoney

Please let me take you on a quick tour so that you will know what to expect. Each cabin is cleaned and ready to go for the week. You will notice that there is a nice deck with a canopy over it. Our campers love to sit out there in their free time.

We have a brand-new washroom facility. There are 20 showers in it. Each shower has a private change room. There are lots of sinks and toilet facilities for your campers. We do have a crew that cleans that facility everyday. It sparkles!

We have a big multi purpose building. We use that for our chapel sessions and if there is inclement weather we use it as a gym.

If your campers are returnees, they may show you some of the new things at camp and some of their favorites. Such as the new low elements course in the big playing field. How about that climbing wall - it is 40 feet tall! In the playing field we have human foose ball, gaga ball and a big playing field.

Take a picturesque hike to the beach. There sits the new tizzy boat – that is a fantastic new boat. The campers love the “Tizzy Tower”. There is a water slide, a high diving platform, 2 trampolines and a rope swing. What a rush that is!

On the beach you will see our water craft. We have an abundance of kayaks, lots of canoes, a 110-foot water slide, beach volley ball, a monster sand pile, a big dock with another rope swing, and a big swimming area that is roped off so that our lifeguards can keep your campers safe. Paddle boards and the blob are just behind the change house. Farther down the beach you can see our campfire pit. We have a big bonfire and teach survival skill at this point.

Then there is our watersports equipment. A big 24-foot pontoon boat sit moored at the dock waiting for campers to go for a ride. There is a smaller pontoon boat that our fishing campers use to catch that BIG one. Then there are the ski boats and the wakeboards, the tubes, the water skis, and the knee boards. All our campers are required to wear a PFD whenever they leave terra ferma.

Some of the other activities that we offer are a 9 post frisbee golf course, a Remote-control car skill with jumps and a manicured track. There is the handcraft shop where wondrous creations are made each day. Just north of that is a shop where campers can take a kit and build a rocket. They paint and assemble the unit for flight at the end of the week.

We have partnered with Fleury Wilderness Adventures. They offer a top-quality horsemanship program. This is just another option that our campers can select.

As you drove in, you passed our new red and green barn. That is home to chickens, rabbits, piglets, goats and maybe even a cow. Now that is an exciting place to see. The campers love to touch and hold the animals. And I think the animals like it as well.

For the more adventurous there is a paintball course. Each camper that participates has a complete lesson in safety. They use the clothes that Stoney supplies and under the watchful eye of the range master they play various games.

Other Activities

Some of the other activities that the kids love is: Bible memorization, our great chapel times and the unbelievable singing, the night games, and all of the skills.

Our staff are trained for 10 days in an extensive training program that equips them to safely handle the activities that your campers will be involved in. Our lifeguards are NLS certified and all of our staff are required to go through our “In Safe Hands” program. You can even look at it on our website. Our staff are all grade 12 grads (minimum) and most are college age students that love to have your kids for a week.

Oh, I almost forgot the food. Now that is past unbelievable! The campers seem to be famished morning, noon and night. They get a Stoney treat – baked oatmeal - occasionally for breakfast. The other meals could be mashed potatoes, gravy and all the fixing, spaghetti, pizza, subs, scrumptious roasts – well you get then idea. All our food comes from a federally inspected location whether it be meat or dry goods. PS we have our cooks bake fresh cookies many nights during the week for a bedtime snack.

It is easy to see why your kids are exhausted when they get home. We are a device free zone and believe that fabulous food, lots of supervised high energy activity and lots of sleep make for an unforgettable week adventure.

We always have a nurse on duty to administer the meds and patch up the occasional road rash that the campers can acquire.

I have saved the best to last. We are a Bible camp and we do teach God’s Word to our campers. We have amazing speakers that teach biblical morals to our campers. We have excellent worship bands and the kids learn new songs. Boy can they sing. Each day we spend time memorizing God’s word. Most of the campers that we talk to say that chapel time is their favorite – well actually they love it all!

Director's Note

This will be the 40th summer that we will have directed the camp. There have been huge changes to all areas of camp during our tenure. It is our desire that your camper has quite possibly one of the best weeks of their lives. We know that because so many come back for multiple years.

We love to see kids having the time of their lives, free from the devices that consume our time, just being kids in a safe, bully free environment. It is just plain fun.

We would love to have your kids visit us for an amazing week of camp.

Should you have questions look at our Parent FAQ page and if you still have questions please call us. Our staff will do their best to answer you.

Thanks for considering Stoney! We know your kids will love it!

Doug and Rose Arbogast

Directors of Stoney

Stoney is:

  • An accredited member of Sask Camps Assoc.
  • A member of Christian Camping International
  • A One Hope Canada camp