Identity Profiles

This section is all about identity.  The first section is about yourself and how you relate to others.  The second section is about about gender and sexual identity issues and how to approach them when you are talking with campers.

Personal Identity Profiles

Complete the following 3 profile quizzes.  When you are done, forward a copy of your results to Myra (  If you are able to, print the results off and bring them with you to staff training on July 1st because we will be talking about them in a session.  Try to do these without asking others for their opinion.  Its usually better to go with your first instinct even if it maybe seems “unChristian” or wrong.  If you’re not sure what something means, go with what you think or call the camp.

Even if you have already taken the tests previously, it is appreciated if you take them again so that you have the profiles for staff training.

Personality Profile

Personality Test

Spiritual Gifts Test

Spiritual Gifts Inventory

Spiritual Gifts

Love Language Quiz

Please take this quiz twice.  The first time, respond to the questions based on how you feel/accept love.  The second time, answer the questions based on how you show love to others. When forwarding them to Myra, make a note of which way you answered the questions (for yourself or others).

Love Languages Test